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Our classes come to the library once a week to check out books for a week period of time. The librarian and the volunteers provide them weekly story time, book talks, themed activities and more!

Please help your children remember to return their library book(s) every week. We also encourage you to read with your child to develop and instill within them a love for reading and a love for books! In this digital age and modern technology, we believe that there is still a place for printed literature.

The Riverview Library offers a wide selection of reading and resource materials to support classroom learning and student reading. The library collection holds books that are carefully selected and approved. Purchase of new books is based on teacher requests and suggestions, award-winning publications, and knowledge of individual student needs and interests. Students are allowed to choose two books from our 25,000 books collection in both French and English per week.

Students who do not return their library books on the due date are not allowed to borrow books from the library until they are returned.

Lost books are charged to the parent of the child who lost the book. If the book is found in the current school year, the parent is reimbursed.

Volunteers always welcome!

Big thanks to our wonderful volunteers. Without them our library wouldn’t be a successful place, so nicely decorated all year round and an altogether great place to work.