Students in grades 1 through 6 receive sixty to ninety minutes of visual art each week. Visual Arts helps students acquire visual literacy and develops their creative potential. As we are focusing on a STEAM curriculum, our students have many opportunities to create, interpret and appreciate artistic productions in a variety of ways including through media, project-based group work and recyclable materials.

Students develop their abilities to express and communicate through images that they create. They also learn how to appreciate the works of classmates and other artists as well.

If you walk through the halls of our school you will be amazed at what the students are able to create. Our Art teacher brings out talents and skills from our students that they never knew they had.

Once a year we strive to have a vernissage where students are able to showcase and speak to their creations to parents and partners in the community.

In 2017 we hope to raise enough funds to modernize our Art room into a real Artist studio in order that students can fully respect and appreciate the artists within them and each other!