French Immersion



 French Immersion

Riverview is an early French Immersion School which means from Kindergarten to Grade Two, the students receive 85% of their instruction in French.

From Grade 3 to Grade 6, the students move to a bilingual program where one day they are instructed in English and the following day they are instructed in French. On Fridays half of the instruction is in English and the other half is in French.

Subjects taught in French are:

  • French
  • Science & Technology
  • Social Studies
  • Ethics and Religious Culture

Subjects taught in English are:

  • English
  • Math
  • Phys. Ed
  • Art
  • Music

We try to incorporate numerous opportunities to expose our students to the French Language and French Culture. Some of these include: field trips, guest speakers, French presentations, French activities and having Francophone volunteers in to read and work with the students in French. These are all ways of preparing our students to be bilingual and bi-literate.





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