Governing Board



 Governing Board

The Governing Board is a committee made up of parents, teachers and staff, who meet once a month to discuss school business. Governing Boards play a decisional role in schools. They are responsible for issues involving school life, including the school’s educational project, the annual budget and the development of school policies that meet the needs of all students and acts in the best interest of the students.

Our Governing Board consists of a maximum of 12 members; 5 parents, 5 staff members, plus 2 seats reserved for community representatives. The principal takes part in Governing Board meetings, but does not vote. Monthly meetings will be held in the evening.

The Governing Board:

  • Analyzes the school’s situation in terms of the school board’s strategic plan
  • Adopts the educational project and oversees its implementation and periodic evaluation
  • Approves the school’s success plan, rules of conduct and the safety measures
  • Responds to LBPSB consultations (ex: Enrolment Criteria, Budget, Major School Change)
  • Review and approve proposed field trips by staff as well as fundraisers by Home & School
  • Reviews and allocates funds as proposed by staff and Home & School

Governing Board meetings are public and we invite you to attend. If you have an issue, concern or question, please email us at


Governing Board Meetings 2019-2020

Meetings begin at 6:15 pm

October 8
November 12
December 10
January 14
February 11
March 17
April - TBD
May 12
June 9


Governing Board Members 2019-2020
Parent Representatives Staff Representatives
Linda Dalterio Melissa Bourcier​
Daycare Technician
Sara Lévis Simone Viger
Non-Teaching Staff
Emily Verrecchia  
Peter Wilkinson  
Ariana Winn
Community Representative  
Sterling Downey
(Non-voting member)
Lucia Coretti


Mary-Ann Davis


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Meeting Date Agenda Minutes
May 14, 2020
October 8, 2019  
September 10, 2019



  Governing Board Annual Report