Code of Conduct



 Code of Conduct

At Riverview it is the expectation that all students follow a Code of Conduct made up of rules that we live by whether at school, on the bus, on a field trip or on the school grounds. This is so that everyone feels safe, comfortable and respected.

Expectation of students

  • To follow classroom rules and the code of conduct.
  • To treat and speak politely to others at all times.
  • To use an appropriate voice and kind words.
  • To keep hands and feet to themselves.
  • To keep a polite distance.
  • To respect and take care of the environment. This includes school supplies, school property and the school yard.
  • To behave in an orderly way by walking quietly in the hallways and stairways.
  • To respect the school bell and line up quietly and respectfully.

Examples of behaviors that are unacceptable: (not an exhaustive list)

  • Not listening and following instructions of a staff member and bus driver.
  • All kinds of violence, fighting and/or play fighting (no kicking, tripping, pushing, poking, punching, hitting, spitting, biting, or pinching)
  • Intimidation, harassment, teasing, bullying, including cyber bullying (by emails, notes, whispering, texts, verbally or on social media)
  • Vandalism or damage to school property, staff or other student’s personal property
  • Disruptions and disrespect shown in class, on the bus or on field trips
  • Name calling, swearing, racial comments, disrespectful or impolite behavior
  • Using the technology for anything other than what has been instructed
  • Filming or recording staff and peers without their permission and/or knowledge
  • Bringing or using any type of weapon in school
  • Throwing objects including snowballs
  • Cheating or stealing


  • Loss of privileges – including recess, lunchtime, field trips or other activity
  • Suspension - in school, out of school or alternative suspension site
  • Speaking to student (verbal reprimand)
  • Meeting with socio-community officer
  • In school community service
  • Phone call to parents
  • Parent meeting